Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition is important part of the healing process for our patients. In our clinic we provide consultation based on assessment of nutritional status of each individual patient.

Nutritional consultation

Nutritional consultation

A nutritional consultation provides holistic approach in patients’ care and management. It is based on assessment of nutritional status of each individual patient and from there, tailored personalised nutritional plan is discussed and given to patient. Nutritional consultation helps to create a detailed picture of eating habits and lifestyle relevant to medical condition in order to identify areas where changes would be beneficial. Follow up consultations help to establish, implement and maintain dietary advices based on patients’ needs and daily commitments.

Initial consultation

Initial consultation includes a nutritional assessment (dietary history, food diary, anthropometric measurements analysis of the body composition) followed by the dietary advices. A meal plan with food examples, charts, portions and grams will be given if the patient requires a more detailed plan.

Follow-up Consultation

Follow up consultation is scheduled after two to four weeks depending on individual conditions. Follow up is very important in order to monitor progress and make any changes to the dietary plan if necessary. During this period, support and guidance is given if the patient needs more diet suggestion, recipes or other information.

Conditions which benefit from nutritional assesment

Eosinofilic esophagitis

This is a condition where the lining of your esophagus reacts to some food allergens. A skin prick test is done to assess your allergies and a food elimination diet is provided in order to reduce the symptoms.

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