Picture of 3 cups of lactose free milk

What Is a Lactose Free Diet?

It’s a diet that limits foods containing lactose, such as milk, dairy and processed food.

® Please find below the list of the foods you should replace with the lactose free products:

    • milk (you can replace it with lactose free milk, you can find different brand like Arla, Cowhead, Harvey Fresh, Paul’s Zymil, Organic Valley, etc… Alternatively you can also use almond or oat or rice milk with added calcium, but I recommend to use lactose free milk as a first choice if possible);
    • yogurt and greek yogurt (usually they are well tolerated, but if you feel discomfort you can replace them with lactose free yogurt or nuts yogurt or coconut yogurt. Please prefer the lactose free yogurt instead of the vegetable alternatives, because it contains good probiotics. You can find it form different brands: Rachel’s organic brand in Redmart, Liddells, Green Valley Organic, Yoplait, etc..);
    • fresh soft cheese like cottage cheese, ricotta, melted cheese, mozzarella di bufala, mozzarella and creamy type cheeses, paneer (you can replace them with pasteurised hard cheeses like Parmesan cheese, Emmenthal, Gruyere, Cheddar, Comte or Gauda or Feta or other hard cheeses);
    • butter (it contains a little percentage of lactose, so if you use it sometimes in small amount, it should not be a problem, usually ghee butter has less lactose).

® Lactose is also added to a different products. You may need to check the food labels looking for: milk, milk powder, evaporated milk, condensed milk, non-fat dry milk powder, dry milk solids, milk cream, cream, curd, whey, lactose.

List of food:


        • processed meat and fish (cooked ham, chicken ham, turkey ham, sausages, hot dogs, meat ball or fish ball, pâtés);
        • processed foods (snacks, meal replacement powders/bars, protein powders/bars or energetic bars, vegetarian ready to eat foods, etc..);
        • gravy stock powder;
        • pasta or vegetables with cream/sauces;
        • biscuits, croissants, cakes (if you do them at home you can use lactose free milk or yogurt);
        • tea or coffee added with milk or milk powders;
        • smoothies (you can do it with lactose free milk or vegetables milk alternatives);
        • bread (with milk or cheese);
        • breakfast cereals;
        • chocolate, also the extra dark;
        • ice cream: you can choose the fruit flavours because they are made with water and fruit;
        • fast food (meat, ham, bread and fries).

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