Snacks ideas

Oat biscuits à our picture

(made with oat, banana, grated coconut, chestnuts flour, nuts/seeds) You can also add chocolate or cranberries.


Oat tahini biscuits à I do not have pictures

(made with oat, tahini, almon flour and maple syrup, pinch of salt and chocolate)


Fruit with chocolate and nuts à I do not have pictures

(fruit in pieces covered by melted dark chocolate and nuts/seeds)


Fruit with peanut butter or chocolate peanut butter à I do not have pictures

(2 pieces of fruit with peanut butter in the middle – need to be frozen)


Cocoa Meringues à I do not have pictures

(made with white eggs and sugar)


Chocolate mousse à our picture

(I like to put it in a yogurt or to have it as a mousse or icecream. Made with avocado, banana, fresh coconut water, raw cocoa, peanut butter)

Vegetables chipsà I do not have pictures

(baked vegetables chips made with kale, carrots, zucchini, avocado oil salt and pepper/paprika)

Vegetables stick with guacamole or hummus or tzaziki sauce or basil pesto or rocket and zucchini pesto à I do not have pictures

Chickpea focaccia à our picture

(made with chickpea, water, salt, extravirgin olive oil and fresh rosemary)

Oat and seeds creackers à our picture

(made with oat, seeds, pinch of salt, 1 tsp of honey, sage or rosemary, water)

Lunch ideas

Quinoa with vegetables + different types of protein à

I usually prepare quinoa/brown rice and baked/fresh vegetables and I mix them with different kind of protein. In the pircture is omelette egg with greek yogurt, salt and pepper (I also use tuna, salmon, chicken, legumes or feta/parmesan/hard cheese). Seasoned with oil, nuts or seeds and/or avocado.


Sweet potatoes chips with rosted vegetables and sesame chicken nuggets à I do not have pictures

Sandwich with hummus, cheese, grilled zucchini and cherry tomatoes confità I do not have pictures


Vegetable polpette with eggs and lentils flour  + yogurt and tahini sauce with vegetable sticks à I do not have pictures

Fresh spring roll with cooked salmon or tuna, avocado and peanut sauce à I do not have pictures